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"roar of the tigobs"

ajoutée par gourineayoub le 31 December 2022, participation n° 616/700

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the art piece describes the contribution of the tigobs in the war of the fang 700 years ago , the tigobs marching ahead with no fear embrasing the challenge and the fights after they hear the alarm of war , in the front lines the best wariors with there weapons and also the rar gro-tigobs using there loud screams to destroy the pile of dead bodies summend by the necromancers , one wave after another the number of tigobs never become less , as much as they kill theme a new wave  join the battel riding one of the great lizzard snakes to go ahead , with there blue capes  and white masks made of bones the tibos feared nothing and most importantly they enjoyed the fights , as the war goes one the more thing get crazzier the more the tigobs become more hyped and ready to fight to there last breath.